This document you are reading is our Privacy Policy, where you can find out what is going on with your personal data when we were trusted with it.

It covers 3 main scenarios, when we may deal with your information:

through our home security devices (such as Travaux Maroc Hub or others);
through our mobile applications and web or desktop applications (we call those our Products or Services);
from visitors to our website

You may think of this Privacy Policy as of our promise to you about what will we do with your personal data and how will we do that.

If you are interested in some specific privacy issue, try navigating with the following quick access panel.

About us
Personal data we process
Why do we need your data?
For how long do we need it?
Will your data be shared?
How secured is your data?
What are your rights?
Profiling or automated decision-making
Other issues

1. About us

We are Travaux Maroc, registration number: HE 389004, and we are the controller of your personal data. You can reach us at [email protected] .
2. Personal data we process

Through our home security devices, we may process:

Information about your Travaux maroc (such as its model and serial number network information, including IP address, device activity logs, historic and current device configuration, its location).
Environmental data from Travaux Maroc’s devices, such as temperature, noise level or motion data.

While using our Products or Services we may process:

Information about you (such as name, surname, email, phone number and your photo).
Unique identifiers for our Services (such as your username and password).
Unique identifiers of the users you have connected to the Product, such as the username, the role of the user in the Product, and his/her email address; information about your mobile device, such as the device type, operating system, and system language.
Location-based data to provide you with reminders to arm/disarm the system if you activate Geofence function in our application.
For Android users SMS with the authorization code required during account registration or changes.
Information about your use of our Products and Services (such as requests from app to our server).

If visiting our website, we may process:

The information you provide filling in the forms, which may contain your personal and contact details.
Your IP address to define the country of your location.

3. Why do we need your data?

All the data we receive through our home security devices or while you are using our Products or Services is processed only to provide you requested security services. This means that we process all such data to perform a contract we have with you. Also, this means that we do not collect any data that is not specifically needed for us to provide you with such services.
If you decide to subscribe to our newsletter, we will send you emails with some information about us and our latest updates. We are relying on your consent which you provide by confirming your subscription. Also, we’ll personalize these emails based on the information we have about you, so it is more relevant and more useful for you.
If you have shared operations logs from your app in case you had some issue, we will process those to solve your technical problem and to make our Products and Services better. We process those based on our legitimate interest to make our market offerings more competitive.

Here are some examples of how we use your data.

To administer your account and back up your data.
To record log entries for your information and troubleshooting issues with your device.
To send you notifications through the travaux maroc website. Don’t forget that you can always manage your notification preferences within the mobile app menu.
To send you marketing communications, you’ve subscribed to.
To respond to your questions and concerns and provide customer support.

In case you use our Products or Services as a professional user or representative of our partners, we will use your personal data to ensure that you could provide professional services to other users only as may be requested by you.
4. For how long do we need it?

We will always delete your personal data if you decide to deactivate your account by leaving us a note at [email protected] . This will mean that we will not provide further services to you and will not need your data respectively.
If you decide to resign from our newsletter, you can easily do so by clicking Unsubscribe button under any email received or by contacting us at [email protected] . You will stop receiving letters from us after that.
We don’t keep any operation logs on our servers for more than a month.

5. Will your data be shared?

Generally, we can share your personal data only when needed to provide you with requested services. Such data may be disclosed to our vendors and service providers, who provide certain services for our Products and Services to function. This includes data hosting, technical support, and troubleshooting, etc. We’ll make sure that such providers treat it as protective as we do.

We can share your contact details (such as cell phone number, nickname, and email) with physical security service providers if you request us to do so by selecting such a provider in our app. . Please note, that such service providers will become data controllers on their own, responsible for your personal data. Despite the fact, that we choose reputable partners to offer in our app, we recommend checking their privacy policies before requesting us to transfer your data to selected companies.
6. How secure is your data?

We take cybersecurity seriously and had implemented organizational and technical measures appropriate to the risks. Some security methods we use include firewalls, data encryption and authorization control of access to information.

We protect your information through a unique username and password, and we protect certain sensitive communications with our Products or Services through server authentication and secure connections.

Also, we take additional precautions when responding to your access requests by double checking your identity as our user, because we don’t want your data to be shared with unauthorized persons. However, don’t forget that there are situations, in which your identity or personal devices may be stolen, so don’t hesitate to contact us in such cases.
7. What are your rights?

Here is the list of rights available to you:

The right to be informed
The right of the access
The right to rectification
The right of erasure
The right to restrict processing
The right for data portability
The right to object
Right not to be subject to automated decision making and profiling
The right to withdraw your consent
The right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority of the state where you live or work

If you are interested in how to apply those rights and what do they mean in details, we suggest you read this useful resource.
8. Profiling and automated decision-making

We will choose what emails to include in your newsletter if you have subscribed to one. No other profiling or automated decision-making activities are conducted by us.
9. Cookies

If you are visiting our website, we will place some cookies on your device. In this section, you may learn why do we do that. Also, you may prevent us from placing cookies by blocking or deleting them in your browser. Learn how to do that at

Type of cookies from Travaux Maroc .

Cookies used to tailor your experience on our website.
Cookies used to analyze how you use our websites and to monitor website performance.
Cookies used to target you with our advertising. We can advertise our offers and services on other websites. Some of these websites may use cookies to store information about offers and services in which you have shown an interest as you browse the web.

10. Other issues

If you have any further questions about this Privacy Policy, you may contact us at [email protected] .